In 2016, we started a study of a big project located on the prestigious place Stéphanie in Brussels.
For several years we tried to get the Commune to accept the project but without success.
It was really disappointed because the condition of the current building deserves a thorough renovation to restore its glory.

The program was to renovate/expand the existing Bellerose shop, and merge the other two small shops so that EXKI has more space to offer a new concept.
The upper floors would have offered three large luxury flats.

The entire inner block would have been redeveloped to create a quality shared space.
Finally, the building on the Dejoncker street would also have been completely renovated to provide a HORECA shop on the ground floor and various housing units on the upper floors.

Client : Stéphanie 5 SA
Owner : GH Group
Programme : Sales areas/various apartments
Site : Brussels
Surface : 3.000 m²
Status : Abandoned
Date : 2016-2020