During the period of 2022-2023, we were contacted by an architectural office based in Barcelona to help them to get all the autorisations to open 4 new Swarovski stores in Belgium and Luxembourg.

We started with a project in Antwerp where we needed to introduce and get a permit application for all the modifications planned in the building (facade, signs, interior staircase, etc.).
Then we worked as Engineer for all the MEP technics on the project of Brussels, so we calculated all the technics needed in the store (ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, etc.).
And finally, we worked on two other projects in Luxembourg in the shopping malls of City Concorde and Belle-Etoile.

Client : Swarovski
Programme : Sales areas
Site : Antwerp, Brussels and Luxembourg
Surface : 1 x 200m², 1 x 150m², 1x 100m² and 1 x 50m²
Status : Finished
Date : 2022-2023